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We offer end-to-end solution design, installation and support to ensure that your building controls system is functioning at peak performance to maximize energy efficiency and ensure the comfort of your building occupants and staff.

Our building controls experts provide maintenance, repair services, and emergency support for building owners, facility managers and HVAC mechanical contractors with a single point of accountability. Each of our custom-designed controls systems are developed with open-systems architecture, flexible support agreements and locally sourced parts to ensure that you have the control and reliability you need to effectively manage your air conditioning and heating systems.

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Adding a building automation system to your commercial or industrial facility is a great way to manage energy costs, improve comfort, and provide reliable, centralized control over all your heating and cooling equipment. From managing temperature and air quality to troubleshooting problem components, our end-to-end approach to building automation solutions design provides the building intelligence you need to manage and maintain your facilities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We offer complete design-build services that can give you a fully integrated, high-performance controls solution that is tailored to the needs of your business. Our team can handle the entire process from design to installation.


Building Automation Solutions has extensive experience in designing control systems for large commercial/industrial facilities and campuses. We can use this knowledge and available technology to develop a plan to replace or upgrade your system in phases over time to meet your budgetary requirements. This will also allow you to separate from a proprietary system over time without any loss in overall system control.


Building Automation Solutions’ web-based applications can provide text and email alerts based on critical issues with the ability to customize available alarms to your preference. We provide a prioritized list of the highest impact building performance issues to help you and your team get ahead of complaints and prevent critical failures. With convenient access to all your system controls data, our easy-to-use management interface is like having a team of engineers monitor your facilities around the clock.

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Building Automation Solutions is well-versed in all types of HVAC control problems. If you’re noticing any one of these signs, it may be time to consider having us check your system for repair:

Sensor failure: A flashing LED on your display or a temperature reading is wildly inaccurate to what is expected often indicates a sensor or actuator is failing. Physical damage or even just the age of the sensor/actuator can lead to this problem.

Field controller problems: If your data on the workstation is yellow or orange, this may mean you are having communication, power, or controller failure that needs to be addressed.

Alarms: If there are a large number of alarms this should be investigated. Also, an evaluation of what parameters they are set at should be evaluated. This is suggested to determine what alarms are necessary and reduce the unnecessary and make the alarm console more productive.

Poor temperature control: The occupants of an area of your facility may indicate that they are too hot or too cold. If the HVAC system appears to be working properly, this can indicate a problem with the control system.

If you’re noticing problems with your HVAC control systems, reach out to our team.



A common problem in maintaining today’s increasingly sophisticated HVAC and mechanical systems is accurate diagnosis of the root cause of an equipment performance problem. HVAC service technicians who are unable to identify the source of a problem sometimes blame the building controls system.

Building Automation Solutions controls technicians and service managers have the benefit of extensive HVAC service and maintenance experience and can end contractor finger pointing in helping to diagnose problems and provide mechanical technicians with instructions for repair, replacement, or maintenance of system components. With remote access to your controls system, our experts often identify the source of a problem before it comes to the attention of your facilities managers.


Our team of in-house panel design specialists can customize control panels to meet your specific needs for a single- or multi-building campuses. Building Automation Solutions’ customized control panels are programmed and tested within our facility before installation and integrated with a secure, web-based management interface that enables you to monitor all systems and performance remotely from any internet connected device. The prefabricated panels allow for seamless integration with building automation and control systems while meeting stringent safety standards.

With fully autonomous facilities and locally managed teams in Frankfort, IL and Madison, WI, Building Automation Solutions stands ready to support your building controls needs throughout Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Wisconsin.

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An important part of our commitment to every customer we serve is ensuring that each of the component parts used in our system designs are available for replacement through two or more local distributors. This includes the use of brands that are considered industry standards like Belimo, ACI, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Tridium, and Functional Devices. At Building Automation Solutions, we believe that you should retain the ability to control which vendors and service providers you rely upon for updating, maintaining and operating your building controls systems.