Gain control over your critical HVAC systems to improve efficiency, reduce energy costs and increase comfort


Maintaining control over your building’s air conditioning and heating systems can be a significant challenge. Rising utility costs, and inconsistent heating, cooling, and ventilation levels that are misaligned with work requirements in different parts of the building can negatively impact operations costs, energy bills, sustainability goals and productivity.

Building Automation Solutions delivers building controls systems that are custom configured to meet the specific needs of each of your facilities. Our solutions result in greater energy efficiency, reduced operating and maintenance costs, better indoor air quality, greater occupant comfort, and improved workplace productivity.

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At Building Automation Solutions, we design systems that free you from contracts that lock you into agreements for service, maintenance and support. Unlike other service providers, we provide you with full administrator passwords and installation of open-branded equipment.

Our solutions are developed with open-systems architecture, flexible support agreements and locally sourced parts to ensure that you have the control and reliability you need to effectively manage your air conditioning and heating systems.

A unique advantage of partnering with Building Automation Solutions is that our teams have the operational experience, HVAC mechanical expertise and training needed to help ensure that your building systems are monitored and maintained to operate at peak performance.


Control systems from Building Automation Solutions are designed to optimize HVAC equipment performance, which can account for a large portion of your building’s energy consumption. By monitoring temperature and humidity levels and adjusting HVAC systems accordingly, our custom designed systems reduce energy waste and improve comfort for occupants.

Configured to meet your specific requirements, our systems can be used to control lighting systems, turning lights off in unoccupied areas and adjusting lighting in response to changing daylight levels. We monitor the performance of equipment such as boilers, chillers, and pumps, alerting building managers to potential issues before they become major problems. This can help prevent breakdowns that can lead to wasted energy and costly repairs. Occupancy sensors can be integrated into your system to detect when rooms are unoccupied, allowing for automatic adjustments to temperature, lighting, and other building systems. This can help further reduce energy waste and improve occupant comfort.


Our solutions reduce HVAC maintenance costs by providing data-driven insight into the health and operational capacity of your building’s equipment. This enables your facilities team to adopt proactive maintenance strategies to prevent major issues and breakdowns. In addition, our controls solutions enable you to extend the useful life of equipment by repairing minor issues before major problems develop.

Our controls technicians and service managers have the benefit of extensive HVAC service and maintenance experience and can end contractor finger pointing in helping to diagnose problems and provide mechanical technicians with instructions for repair, replacement, or maintenance of system components. With remote access to your controls system, our experts often identify the source of problems before it comes to the attention of your facilities managers.


The Building Automation Solution team designs systems that enable you to maintain the highest indoor environmental quality standards to enhance the comfort of your building occupants, visitors and staff. Equally important, our solutions enable you to regulate temperature, airflow and humidity levels to improve workplace productivity and reduce the risk of illness.

Through integration with other building systems, we can help you improve building comfort by automatically alerting facilities management of outages, or equipment failure.

Learn more: Get in touch with our team to learn how Building Automation Solutions can help you reap the bottom-line benefits of custom designed building controls solutions for your facilities.

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