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Our Systems Review Services in Chicago, IL

Few issues rank more highly for building managers than maintaining a functional, energy-efficient HVAC system. That’s why more and more commercial, industrial, and hospitality businesses are automating their systems, a move that increases energy savings, productivity, and occupant comfort.

Perhaps you already have powerful automation tools in place within your building. While this is an important first step, building automation systems are subject to wear and tear, just like everything else. To combat this, schedule a systems review from Building Automation Solutions as often as needed.

Find out more about systems reviews below. Then, contact us to schedule the services you need.

What Is a Systems Review?

The purpose of a systems review is to assess your automation equipment and make sure it’s performing optimally. We give you the keys of the system, allowing us to go back with you and check that everything is running as well as it did on installation day.

For small buildings with relatively simple systems, we recommend scheduling a review annually. For more complex systems or those with many users, two to four times a year may be more appropriate.

Along with systems reviews, we also offer systems performance reports. This shows the load of all the controllers and reveals if any are over-clocked. Older controllers are prone to failure if they are put under a heavy load.

We generate systems performance tests by running a sub-program that pulls data from the front-end/supervisor controllers. With all the information neatly compiled into a report, you can determine any areas that require improvement. We recommend getting a systems performance report once a year.

    Benefits of a Systems Review

    Optimizing and automating your commercial HVAC system provides many benefits. By scheduling systems reviews and performance reports on a regular basis, you ensure your business continues to benefit from this automation to the fullest. These benefits include:

    • Improved efficiency for reduced energy costs
    • Precision control of your HVAC equipment
    • Increased health, safety, and comfort of building occupants
    • Better HVAC performance for a longer life span
    • Fewer system failures for lower repair costs and less downtime


    Schedule a Systems Review with Building Automation Solutions

    We install non-proprietary systems, so you have your choice of HVAC contractor when scheduling service requests. By selecting Building Automation Solutions for your service needs, you can rest assured that we maintain and review automation systems from all manufacturers. We also offer 24/7 emergency support for urgent maintenance and repair.

    For your peace of mind, our technicians receive ongoing factory training to remain up to date with the latest industry trends and technology. Our team members also come from mechanical backgrounds, eliminating the blame game that often occurs when automating complex HVAC systems.

    Ensure your HVAC automation system remains powerful and energy-efficient—consider scheduling a systems review today. To learn more, or to request service, please contact Building Automation Solutions. We serve clients in the Chicagoland area, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana.