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Commercial HVAC Retrofit Services in Chicago, IL

Although the energy savings and performance improvements available on new commercial HVAC systems may be enticing, new equipment is a significant investment, especially for smaller companies. If you have an HVAC system that is operating reliably, but starting to show its age with performance and efficiency losses, it may be worth considering a commercial HVAC retrofit. By upgrading a few key components, you can enjoy enhanced performance while delaying a full HVAC replacement.

At Building Automation Solutions, we offer the parts and services necessary to retrofit chillers, rooftop HVAC units, packaged HVAC systems, and more. Our services can offer significant energy savings and performance gains, without the full cost of an HVAC replacement. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Wisconsin.

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How an HVAC Retrofit Can Benefit Your Business

High energy costs can eat into the budget of any business. Replacing older HVAC equipment can be a great way to substantially reduce energy costs, but not every business can justify the expense. With an HVAC retrofit, you can take advantage of newer technologies to improve the performance of your current HVAC equipment, with an investment that is far smaller than that of a new system. If your system is in good condition, an HVAC retrofit can serve to:

  • Increase energy efficiency – According to a study by Pacific Northwest National Labs, commercial facilities with HVAC retrofits saw energy consumption reduced by as much as 35%.
  • Extend equipment life – By installing the latest retrofit technologies, you may be able to extend the service life of your HVAC system by a few months or even a few years.
  • Improve comfort – With technologies that offer better control over airflow, temperature, and humidity, you can dial in your settings for ideal comfort at your facility.
  • Avoid costly upgrades – If your system uses a discontinued refrigerant like R-22, you have the option of upgrading or staying with the R-22 until an HVAC replacement becomes absolutely necessary.
  • Earn fast returns – Because a retrofit costs far less upfront, it will not take long to earn back the investment through lower utility bills and energy rebates.

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    HVAC Retrofit Services in Chicago

    With our HVAC retrofit services from Building Automation Solutions, you can breathe new life into your commercial HVAC system. Our services include:

    • Chiller retrofits – By upgrading the compressor on some water-chilled units, or the fan condenser controls on air-cooled units, energy consumption can be significantly reduced.
    • Rooftop HVAC retrofits – Economizers can be added to use cool outside air when available, and a supply fan speed control can adjust airflow to meet demand. Demand-based ventilation can open and close to balance efficiency and air quality, and for systems with variable-speed compressors, cooling-capacity controls can be added to adjust output with demand.
    • Retrofit kits – Kits are available for specific models or a range of systems that upgrade select components for the best performance and efficiency.

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    Keep your HVAC system running strong while you plan for a future replacement with retrofit services from Building Automation Solutions. Our technicians can handle the entire process, from sourcing the parts to installing them and ensuring they work properly.

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