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HVAC Control Services in Chicago, IL

Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment in Chicago requires the right HVAC system, and that system needs to be properly controlled. HVAC controls are growing increasingly complex as automation becomes important to facility managers. When something goes awry with your system, you can trust the team at Building Automation Solutions for prompt, effective repair services.

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What Are HVAC Controls?

HVAC controls are electronic controls that send signals to a building’s heating and cooling systems so that they will turn on and off based on the desired temperature. HVAC controls include the building’s thermostats, a controller, and temperature-detecting sensors throughout the facility’s rooms or buildings. They can be exceptionally simple or exceedingly complex, depending on the size of the building and the scope of the HVAC system.

In the past, direct digital control or input-and-output systems were common, but the increase in digital technology has changed the HVAC control world. Today, complete building control integration is a common type of HVAC control system, giving a high level of control to a building’s facility manager to help reduce costs and improve overall comfort. These digitally connected systems allow managers to control the entire system from one handheld connected device, but they can be complicated to repair when problems arise.

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    Common Issues with HVAC Controls

    Building Automation Solutions is well-versed in all types of HVAC control problems. If you’re noticing any one of these signs, it may be time to consider having us check your system for repair:

    • Sensor failure – A flashing LED on your display often indicates a sensor or actuator is failing. Physical damage or even just the age of the sensor can lead to this problem.
    • Field controller problems – If you see yellow or red alarms on a workstation, it means the field controller is not receiving the proper value from a sensor.
    • Error messages – If the system becomes disconnected, a workstation may generate an error message.
    • Alarms – If a building, sensor, or panel stops communicating, you may hear an alarm.
    • Poor temperature control – The occupants of an area of your facility may indicate that they are too hot or too cold. If the HVAC system appears to be working properly, this can indicate a problem with the control system.

    If you’re noticing problems with your HVAC control systems, start by checking that power is running to the system. If it is, and you cannot find the source of the problem, reach out to our team.

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