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Honeywell HVAC Controls by Building Automation Solutions

As more building managers recognize the value in implementing building automation systems (BAS) in their commercial facilities, many wonder about the technology’s capabilities in communicating with various HVAC systems. Many BAS can be retrofitted to existing HVAC equipment, easily communicating with and controlling systems across a wide variety of leading industry manufacturers, including Honeywell.

At Building Automation Solutions, our BAS are designed to provide building managers complete control over their Honeywell HVAC systems in order to improve performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort. Contact our team to learn more about our available HVAC controls and BAS services.

What Are Commercial HVAC Controls?

Each HVAC system contains controls that govern its operation through electrical means. These controls communicate data between your Honeywell system and BAS to enable automated processes within your systems. This is performed via direct digital control (DDC), which uses an output signal generated from computer calculations that indicates how your systems are performing.

DDC systems are used in all initial installations of BAS, and these can be retrofitted for existing buildings containing mechanical or pneumatic systems. The following illustrates how a DDC system typically works:

  • HVAC controllers process input signals to determine the output necessary for controlling the internal environments using existing building equipment
  • Sensor data supplies building managers with their current building conditions
  • The controller’s internal computer makes decisions based on sensor input and the building manager’s desired outcomes to determine the output needed

Building Automation Solutions’ HVAC controls are specifically designed to provide building managers with full automation capabilities to help them access greater efficiency and improved occupant comfort. Ideal for use with Honeywell HVAC products, contact our team today to learn more about how our BAS can benefit your Chicagoland commercial building!

Benefits of Chicagoland Honeywell HVAC Controls

Automating your Honeywell HVAC systems provides building managers with a host of significant benefits. The following outline just some of the unique advantages that come with integrating a BAS in your commercial facility:

  • Increased system efficiency
  • Decreased energy expenses
  • Improved HVAC maintenance schedules and repair requests
  • Decreased downtime due to poor HVAC performance
  • Ability to pinpoint problems with specific system components
  • Improved tenant comfort

At Building Automation Solutions, our BAS are capable of communicating with a wide variety of the industry’s top-rated HVAC systems, including Honeywell products. Improve your system’s efficiency, performance, and maintenance schedule by integrating a BAS specifically designed with your Honeywell products in mind.

Contact Building Automation Solutions today to get started with your BAS installation to fully automate your HVAC systems.

Building Automation Solutions for Chicago’s HVAC Controls

Ready to start spending less on your HVAC energy consumption and maintenance needs? By choosing BAS through Building Automation Solutions, you’ll gain the holistic view you need of your Honeywell HVAC systems to optimize performance to get the results you seek.

Improve efficiency, performance, tenant comfort, and maintenance schedules by contacting our team to set up your BAS installation appointment!