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HVAC Control Maintenance in Chicago, IL

HVAC controls are responsible for turning the heating and cooling equipment on at the appropriate times and monitoring conditions like temperature and humidity. As such, if there is a problem with the HVAC controls, the heating and cooling systems may not operate properly.

Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent HVAC control problems, and at Building Automation Solutions, we offer comprehensive HVAC control maintenance services and support agreements that help to keep the HVAC equipment at your business performing flawlessly and efficiently. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout Chicago, Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Wisconsin. With our extensive experience and our commitment to superior service, you can count on us for reliable, professional results.

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Why HVAC Control Maintenance Is Important

Even slight variations in the operation of your HVAC controls can have a huge effect on the energy usage at your facility. More than likely, this will mean higher utility costs and reduced comfort. Routine maintenance helps to keep your HVAC controls operating accurately, and the process can have several benefits for your business:

  • Lower energy usage and utility costs
  • Improved comfort and humidity control
  • Improved control of HVAC components
  • Longer HVAC service life
  • Fewer service calls and repairs

At Building Automation Solutions, our expert technicians can provide all the maintenance your HVAC controls require, along with repairs, installation services, and more.

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HVAC Control Maintenance in the Chicago Metro Area

When it is time to service your HVAC controls, trust our team at Building Automation Solutions. We have been engineering, installing, and servicing HVAC controls for many years, and we have the skills necessary to make sure your HVAC controls work properly and perform as intended. A typical HVAC control maintenance regimen will include:

  • A thorough system inspection
  • Checking for cracked or damaged wires, loose connections, or damaged terminals
  • Verifying the readings of temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors
  • Testing relays, contactors, solenoid, actuators, and motors
  • Testing the control terminals and verifying program parameters
  • Reactivating the system and testing it for proper operation

We service all brands of HVAC controls, and we also offer cost-effective support agreements that include all the necessary maintenance for your controls at regular intervals.

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Don’t let your HVAC controls fail prematurely or increase your energy costs. Keep them operating smoothly with HVAC control maintenance from our team at Building Automation Solutions. We feature friendly technicians who are dedicated to improving your comfort and keeping your energy costs as low as possible.

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