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24-Hour Emergency Service for Building Automation Systems in Chicago, IL

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A malfunction in a building automation system or a critical HVAC control can cause all types of problems for a Chicago business, from false HVAC error codes and alarms to unnecessary HVAC shutdowns or inadvertent equipment activation. These problems can happen at any time, so it is important to have a mechanical contractor that you can count on for repairs when you need them, day or night.

At Building Automation Solutions, we offer 24-hour emergency service for building automation systems, HVAC controls, DDC controls, and more. Our skilled technicians will respond quickly and offer reliable repairs that will get your business back to work faster. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout Chicago, plus the surrounding areas of Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Wisconsin.

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When to Request Emergency Building Automation Services

If an HVAC control or building automation system is malfunctioning, it may be easy to mistake it for a problem with the HVAC system. Sometimes, looking closely at the data provided by the building automation system will be enough to determine the cause. For example, if sensor readings are way out of range, such as an AC unit indicating an air temperature of -196 degrees, the fault may lie in the BAS or HVAC control.

Call our team at Building Automation Solutions if you notice any of the following symptoms of BAS or control problems:

  • Lack of HVAC operation when the equipment appears to have no problems
  • Abnormal HVAC operation or intermittent problems
  • Unusual temperature, humidity, or pressure readings
  • Actuators, motors, relays, solenoids, or other outputs that fail to function
  • Malfunctioning or non-operational control terminals
  • Visible damage to wires, sensors, or controls
  • Inoperable or glitchy BAS software
  • False alarms or error codes reported from HVAC systems

Our experts will perform a thorough inspection of the building automation system, plus comprehensive diagnostics to determine the cause of the failure. Once the problems have been located, we will recommend the best repair solutions for your budget.

For help troubleshooting your building automation system in Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Joliet, Rockford, or the surrounding areas, contact us today!

24/7 Building Automation Repairs in Chicago

At Building Automation Solutions, we understand that HVAC control and building automation problems can happen at any time, and that is why we are proud to offer 24-hour emergency service for building automation systems throughout the Chicago area. Our experts can provide prompt, reliable building automation system repairs that help your business avoid extended downtime and losses. With our fully stocked service vehicles, we can complete a wide variety of BAS repairs, often on the first visit, including:

  • Wiring repairs and replacements
  • Transformer replacements
  • Sensor, actuator, solenoid, and motor replacements
  • Relay and contactor replacements
  • Control terminal replacements
  • Programming and software updates

We also offer complete maintenance services to help you avoid BAS and HVAC control problems in the future.

Contact us today to schedule building automation system repairs at your Chicagoland facility.

Call Today For 24-Hour Emergency Service in Chicago, IL

When you need fast, effective repairs for your building automation system or HVAC controls in Chicago, trust our team at Building Automation Solutions. Our 24/7 emergency services will have your business back up and running in no time.

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