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Custom 3D-Rendered Floorplans for Building Automation Systems in Chicago, IL

Building automation systems make controlling the temperature and humidity in a commercial building easy, with access to all systems available from a centralized location. Organizing and displaying all the necessary data in an intuitive manner is essential to the efficient operation of the system, and that starts with an accurate representation of the building and its equipment.

At Building Automation Solutions, we can create a precision 3D rendering of your commercial or industrial building to incorporate into your building automation system. Our 3D floorplans capture every feature of your facility to provide graphical, room-by-room control of your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. With extensive experience designing, engineering, and installing building automation systems, you can count on our team for accurate, professional results. We serve businesses throughout Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Wisconsin, including Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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3D-Rendered Floorplans in Chicago

A graphical interface makes using and understanding any building automation software far more convenient. With a full 3D floorplan, it is simple to select the room or zone you wish to monitor and then drill down to the specific piece of equipment or setting that needs to be adjusted. At Building Automation Solutions, we can develop an accurate 3D rendering of your facility using blueprints, technical drawings, fire escape plans, or hand-drawn layouts that are provided to our team. We use the latest CAD software to generate a complete representation of your building, including:

  • Each floor or level
  • Parking structures, basements, and roof structures
  • Every room or zone
  • Doorways, windows, and openings
  • Locations of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment
  • Locations of air handlers, ducts, and piping
  • Locations of VAV controls, valves, actuators, relays, and control panels

Our designers can color-code each zone and label equipment with unique identifiers for easy reference and organization. Our 3D floorplans are available as part of our building automation installations, or as standalone plans for integration into your chosen platform.

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Our Building Automation Services

At Building Automation Solutions, we design, service, and install building automation systems for facilities of all sizes throughout the Chicago area. We are a leader in HVAC control technologies, and we feature equipment from the top providers, including Carrier, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Tridium, and more. Our systems are designed to be open, easy to operate, and free of vendor lock-in, providing your business with a turnkey solution that features:

  • Convenient control of all heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems
  • The latest technologies for ease of use
  • Greater comfort and air quality
  • Improved energy management with significant cost savings

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business gain control of its heating and cooling equipment, as well as its energy costs.

Call Today to Create a 3D Floorplan in Chicago, IL

Need an accurate 3D floorplan for your commercial or industrial facility? With our experienced team and innovative software at Building Automation Solutions, we can create a highly detailed, precision rendering of any building, large or small.

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