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Commercial HVAC Support Agreement

Managing a commercial or industrial facility requires a proactive approach to systems operations, including HVAC equipment and controls and building automation. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment that has been neglected, or is underperforming, outdated, or has stopped working altogether, can cost your business in lost revenue and productivity—and in the case of industries such as food processing or health care, equipment failures or inefficiencies can also threaten the health and safety of employees and consumers. Building Automation Solutions can help, with a support agreement designed to ensure your ongoing maintenance requirements are met and that your HVAC system and controls are optimized for peak performance and efficiency.

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Benefits of a Commercial HVAC Support Agreement

A support agreement for regular, ongoing HVAC maintenance is an investment toward the safety, performance, and longevity of your vital system components. In addition to the peace of mind that preventive maintenance can provide there are a number of significant benefits, which include:

Cost Savings

HVAC equipment that has been well maintained uses less energy to operate than that which has been neglected and allowed to fall into disrepair. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the cost of air conditioning in a commercial building accounts for roughly 35% of the energy consumption. A loss of efficiency due to poor maintenance can drive those costs even higher, but a support agreement can help to reduce operational costs with lower utility bills.

Fewer Repairs

Preventive maintenance can help to detect most minor issues before they become major, costly repairs or cause further damage to your equipment. In addition to a loss of comfort in the event that your HVAC system breaks down, the resulting downtime and loss of productivity can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Increased Life Span

Protect your investment and prolong the life span of your equipment by keeping it in good working order. When each component is cleaned, tuned, lubricated, and maintained there is less stress on parts and you can go longer in between replacement and repairs.

Improved Comfort

Failure to keep your HVAC system and controls in good working order can result in a loss of comfort due to poor air quality or ventilation, or lack of temperature or humidity control.

Consistent Performance

Maintaining a consistent temperature in your commercial space is paramount for comfort, quality, and productivity. Whether inconsistencies are due to malfunctioning controls, ventilation, or ductwork issues, our technicians can help to identify and resolve any problems to restore functionality.

What You Can Expect From Your Support Agreement

Our maintenance services adhere to the guidelines set forth by the equipment manufacturer to ensure compliance and fulfill the terms of your warranty. Upon arrival, our technicians will perform a thorough inspection to detect any visible signs of wear and tear or performance issues, followed by our standard maintenance procedures:

  • Check safety controls, wires, and connections
  • Check pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors
  • Test control terminals to ensure proper operation
  • Test motors and other outputs
  • Test relays and contactors
  • Test and monitor system performance
  • Update control firmware as needed
  • Update and test BAS software as needed
  • Verify exact parameters for each program
  • And more

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