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Building Automation Solutions was created by a group of HVAC mechanical technicians trained in direct digital controls with the goal of providing highly trained professionals to take care of your systems. As members of the Local 597 Pipefitters, our technicians participate in factory training regularly to update their existing skills and are continuously learning about how to take care of new technologies.

We can service, engineer, design, install, and program control systems for air conditioning and heating systems. In addition, we offer emergency services to take care of your system, no matter the hour.

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Plan & Specifications Installations in Racine

When complex building automation systems are added to a facility, it is important to have detailed plans and specifications created to ensure that the requirements of your business are met. These plans will help with budgeting and approval, and will serve as helpful references for system operation and maintenance after the system is installed.

Our plans are meant to keep productivity high, minimize downtime, and keep energy costs to a minimum. By centralizing control of boilers, air conditioners, air handlers, and other equipment, each system can be managed. The problems are then addressed faster and in a more organized fashion, and energy consumption can be kept to a minimum.

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Design/Build Installations in Racine

At Building Automation Solutions, we provide DDC and automation solutions that are custom design-build projects for your facility. This includes your project specifications and your specific equipment. One of our expert technicians will evaluate your facility and discuss the most reliable and cost-effective design goals with you. With our experience and skills, there will be no need for third-party architects or engineers.

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Controls Services in Racine

With a designated center for control services, your small business’s or large facility’s complex heating, air conditioning, process cooling, and ventilation requirements can be controlled with a DDC solution. With control from a central location, our systems can provide comprehensive monitoring with all the sensors, actuators, relays, and control terminals necessary to offer granular control of temperature, humidity, air quality, pressures, motor speeds, and more.

By installing a professional HVAC control and automation system, you can have accurate system feedback and detailed control over every aspect of your heating, cooling, and ventilation.

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Support Agreements in Racine, WI

Routine maintenance is crucial to the performance and longevity of all HVAC equipment, including building automation systems and HVAC controls. With a support agreement with Building Automation Solutions, you will not have to worry about forgetting about routine maintenance for your equipment. Our agreement is customized to your needs; that way, your system has routine maintenance at the recommended intervals.

These systems are crucial to your business, and any failures can be detrimental to the bottom line of business. Downtime, loss of productivity, and reduced profits can be prevented with routine maintenance through Building Automation Solutions.

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Contact Us for Building Automation & Controls Solutions in Racine

When it comes to custom plans for large facilities or small commercial buildings, Building Automation Solutions is here to ensure that your business runs as effectively as possible. You can trust us with our highly trained technicians who have access to the products needed to meet today’s ever-changing demands. We are continuously adopting the latest energy-efficient technology while providing recognized customer service.

To contact one of our experts about maintaining the service life of your building automation system, contact Building Automation Solutions for your business in Racine, Wisconsin today online or call 855-597-3339.