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Implementing a building automation system (BAS) in your commercial building for the first time can be a challenge. Not only must building managers ensure each of their essential HVAC components is responsive to the new system, but learning how to manipulate each component using the BAS can be incredibly difficult — especially if your system lacks graphics that accurately represent the equipment involved. By integrating custom graphics into your BAS, you can easily locate and manipulate necessary systems without the need for intensive training across your employees. 

Building Automation Solutions understands how important it is for building managers to quickly and easily locate their essential HVAC components for rapid response to mechanical failures or malfunctions. We offer custom graphics within our BAS packages that make it easier for building managers to operate their newly integrated BAS and the heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment it controls. 

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Graphics for Building Automation Systems in Pleasant Prairie, WI

Our powerful automation solutions enable direct communication to hundreds of individual heating, cooling, and ventilation components across your HVAC systems under one intuitive platform. Through our custom graphics design, we ensure locating and manipulating each of these components is fast and simple to reduce the learning curve associated with integrating a new system. Our BAS graphics services include the following: 

  • 3D Floor Plans: Easily find floor levels, rooms, and equipment locations with a 3D model of your commercial building. 
  • Operational Statistics: Gain a holistic view of your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems with easy-to-understand, highly visual statistical data. 
  • Granular Observation: Get detailed views of your individual systems, such as boilers, air handlers, motors, controls, and much more. 
  • Real-Time Data: See how each of your systems is performing in real time with simplified visual data about temperature, airflow, motor speeds, equipment status, and more. 

Through our detailed graphics, building managers can easily locate and manipulate specific components for their HVAC systems and access the relevant data points in an easy-to-understand visual format.
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Building Automation Solutions’ Pleasant Prairie, WI Service Offerings

At Building Automation Solutions, we are prepared to guide you through every step of successfully integrating powerful BAS into your commercial building. We are proud to offer the following comprehensive BAS services throughout Pleasant Prairie, WI and the surrounding region: 

  • BAS Design & Engineering 
  • BAS Installation 
  • BAS Repairs & Maintenance 
  • Custom BAS Graphics
  • BAS Panel Design
  • And more! 

Proud members of the Local 597 Pipefitters, our team of HVAC mechanical technicians receives ongoing factory training to stay up to date with all the latest industry trends and technologies. We are committed to providing you with the intuitive, innovative, custom BAS solutions you need to access improved efficiency, performance, and comfort in your commercial building. 

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Integrating a BAS solution into your commercial building should never be a source of frustration. Ensure your employees can easily locate and manipulate each of your essential systems by securing custom graphics that accurately represent your HVAC components. 

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